Bernd Lohaus IM SEIN BEI

Bernd Lohaus: IM SEIN BEI is the most comprehensive and richly illustrated monograph devoted to the artist to date. Across a wide variety of mediums – sculpture, installation, painting, drawing and writing – Lohaus distilled materials to their unadorned essence, while infusing them with poetry through the stark selection of words and colours.

Edited by Thomas Desmet, designer and editor who has worked with artists and writers for more than ten years, and Stella Lohaus, the director of LLS Paleis (formerly known as LLS 387), an independent and non-profit art space in Antwerp, and daughter of Bernd Lohaus.

The book includes essays by Lorenzo Benedetti, Marie-Pascale Gildemyn, Ulrike Lindmayr and Dieter Schwarz.

Published with the support of the Flemish Government.
230 × 300 mm, 476 pp.
Softcover, full colour
ISBN 978-0-9954730-6-5
English, German

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Bernd Lohaus BLUMEN

Bernd Lohaus BLUMEN

Published by the Bernd Lohaus Foundation en Ridinghouse
Edited by Thomas Desmet en Stella Lohaus
The book ‘Bernd Lohaus BLUMEN’ is a catalogue of the flower drawings and watercolours from 1963 until 2009 by Bernd Lohaus. An extensive chronological catalogue is preceded by more than 300 full-page color plates.

Seven artists contributed to the book with a text or a poem: Baudouin Oosterlynck, Manfred Pernice, Narcisse Tordoir, Gérard Traquandi, Joëlle Tuerlinckx, Philippe Van Snick and James Welling.

Published with the support of the Flemish Government.
320 x 235 mm, 384 pp
Softcover, full colour
ISBN: 978-1 909932 40 1

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